Many people and organisations benefit from SAIC’s activities. Find out how we can help you and how you can work with us

In our drive to transform the relationship between the industry and research communities, we work with many people. And there are many ways we can help you – through funding solution-oriented research, connecting you to partners from business or research institutions, supporting your skills development, and more.

Depending on whether you’re a multinational, an SME, an experienced researcher, or a would-be Masters student, there are different ways SAIC can help you. But two principles apply across the board.

First, you don’t have to work within the confines of aquaculture to work with SAIC. Businesses and researchers in many related fields – such as genetics or engineering – can benefit greatly from doing applied research projects in aquaculture, and can help us promote industry success.

Second, we’re not just here for large companies or established research teams. Businesses of all sizes can gain from our support, as can researchers at all stages of their career.

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