Interested in applying for SAIC funding?

Use our handy checklist to see if your project is eligible.

Does your project:

  • Contribute to one of SAIC’s four priority innovation actions?
  • Include at least one industry partner and one academic partner?
  • Create measurable value – be it commercial, social or public – for the sector and wider economy?
  • Take an innovative approach or will it lead to an innovative solution for Scottish aquaculture?
  • Sit within Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 4 to 7
    TRL 4 Technology validated in laboratory
    TRL 5 Technology validated in relevant environment
    TRL 6 Technology demonstration in relevant environment
    TRL 7 System prototype demonstrated in operational environment.

Answered yes to all of the above? Then you could be eligible for SAIC funding.

Levels of funding
Typically, industry partners are expected to contribute a minimum of 50% of the cost of projects, whether in cash or in-kind. Please note: SAIC complies with State Aid rules.

Interested? Find out how to apply.