We want to channel our resources into the areas that will benefit the sector the most.

That’s why our work is focused on catalysing and co-funding innovation in the areas identified by industry itself as being the genuine priorities. We call them our priority innovation actions – or PIAs for short.

Over the years, industry’s priorities for innovation have evolved slightly, therefore so too have our PIAs, helping ensure that we continue to deliver maximum benefit from the combined investment being made.

The priorities for innovation
We are working with industry to:

  • PIA 1 Address environmental and health challenges, particularly sea lice and gill disease
  • PIA 2 Develop feeds that optimise fish health and nutrition
  • PIA 3 Unlock additional capacity for aquaculture development through innovative, evidence-based approaches
  • PIA 4 Establish a reliable supply of mollusc spat.

Industry-academic collaborations
Some projects are small-scale, ‘Rapid Response’ projects – so-called because they have a project lifetime of less than one year. Others are longer-term, multi-partner collaborations of up to three and a half years. Each, however, unites industry know-how with specialist academic expertise; something that SAIC works hard to encourage by helping forge the connections necessary.

Interested in learning more about SAIC funding, whose eligible to apply and for how much? Visit our Eligibility criteria page for answers to these and more.