Connecting people and encouraging collaboration is at the beating heart of what we do.

We connect businesses, researchers and other stakeholders, stimulating and supporting commercially-relevant collaboration.

In our first three years, this has resulted in 14 projects worth a total of £11.41m, of which industry has contributed £6.99m, SAIC £2.88m and academia £706k.

It represents a very deliberate pooling of resources, designed to share the risk of innovative R&D, enable more businesses to invest in the areas that will help them grow and ensure that SAIC’s £11m public funding delivers maximum benefit.

Each project addresses one of four priority innovation actions. The overarching aim of each however, is the same: to deliver a tangible benefit to the sector and, in turn, Scotland, whether that’s increased harvest volumes for producers, enhanced fish welfare, additional jobs or new revenue streams.

Adding value to our industry
We also support the growth of the industry through:

  • Skills developmentworking to fill skills gaps and ensure the industry has the right workforce to compete globally
  • Knowledge exchange sharing project outcomes, and communicating best practice and industry intelligence
  • Attracting additional EU and UK funding to Scottish aquaculture and signposting businesses to other relevant funding sources.

Not only that, but by playing an active role in the new aquaculture Industry Leadership Group and the delivery of the industry-led strategic plan, Aquaculture Growth to 2030, we’re helping ensure that accelerating innovation is recognised as a strategic priority.

Throughout each and every aspect of our work, we’re helping ensure that the voice of Scottish aquaculture is heard across the wider research and public sector landscape. Not just in Scotland, but further afield in the UK, EU and elsewhere.