To many, the term ‘aquaculture’ – fish or shellfish that is commercially farmed as opposed to wild caught – is still somewhat of an unknown.

Yet Scottish aquaculture is a hugely important industry.

It’s important to Scotland, contributing more than £1.8 billion to the economy every year and supporting as many as 12,000 livelihoods, from Shetland in the north to Dumfries & Galloway in the south-west.

It’s important to the UK as a whole, with farmed Scottish salmon consistently ranking amongst the top two most valuable food exports.

It is also of increasing importance globally, as the world population continues to rise and with it, the demand for protein.

Growth unlocked
SAIC’s role is to help the industry meet this rising domestic and global demand. Financed by the Scottish Funding Council, in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise, we are helping Scotland’s aquaculture sector to tackle challenges and accelerate growth on a daily basis.

Already, our engagement with industry has helped stimulate millions of pounds of investment in innovative R&D, achieving a leverage rate of 1:6 for every pound of public money spent.

Longer-term, this collaborative approach is on track to deliver £272m net additional turnover and 1,197 new jobs by 2025, as forecast by economic and social research consultancy, Ekos Ltd.

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