Looking for more background to Scottish aquaculture?

Below is a list of handy shortcuts to information on everything from planning and development to environmental regulations.

Scotland’s Aquaculture
Useful for:
general background on finfish and shellfish, areas in use for aquaculture, data from sites.

Code of Good Practice (Scottish finfish aquaculture)
Useful for: Scottish standards of practice, Code of Good Practice download, Code in practice

Scottish Government Aquaculture
Useful for:
national and international background, government position on aquaculture, government strategy

Marine Aquaculture
Useful for:
location strategy, planning and development of farms

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Aquaculture)
Useful for: general information, technical guidance

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Regulations)
Useful for: Scottish regulations, applications and process for fish farms, compliance assessment information

Seafish (Aquaculture)
Useful for: UK aquaculture background, resources and certifications, reports on industry