Here, we’ve hand-picked some key publications and resources on aquaculture at Scottish and international level.

Scottish aquaculture

Value of Scottish Aquaculture 2017
Report for the Scottish Government and Highlands and Islands Enterprise showing the importance of aquaculture to the Scottish economy, and the major opportunities and challenges for the sector. The study estimates the industry supports more than 12,000 jobs.

Aquaculture Growth to 2030: A strategic plan for farming Scotland’s seas (2016)
A group of leading businesses and organisations, including SAIC, created an ambitious roadmap for Scottish aquaculture to 2030. It identifies key actions required to double the economic contribution of the industry to £3.6bn annually by 2030.

Independent Review of Scottish aquaculture consenting (2016)
Report of the independent review of the planning and consenting process for Scottish aquaculture, jointly commissioned by Marine Scotland and The Crown Estate in response to concerns expressed by industry, consenting bodies and regulators.

Marine Scotland, An Assessment of the Benefits to Scotland of Aquaculture (2014)
Report commissioned by Marine Scotland and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, estimating aquaculture’s contribution to the Scottish economy and to individual regions.

Marine Scotland, Map of Scotland’s aquaculture
Mapping Scotland’s aquaculture, including active finfish sites, inactive sites, and shellfish growing areas.

MGSA Science and Research Working Group, Aquaculture science and research strategy (2014)
A report for the Science & Research Working Group of the Scottish Government’s Ministerial Group for Sustainable Aquaculture, identifying a range of science and research that could contribute to the future sustainability of aquaculture in Scotland and internationally.

Science Scotland, Marine Science: Making waves (2014)
This special issue of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Science Scotland magazine focuses on marine science, including articles on fish farming, renewables and the politics of policy.

Aquaculture globally

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, The State of world fisheries and aquaculture (SOFIA) (2016)
The latest edition of the FAO’s flagship publication on global fisheries and aquaculture, and a great source of data about global production and consumption, the outlook for 2025-2030, and the key policy issues around these sectors.

FEAP, Annual report (2014)
The 2014 annual report of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) gives a comprehensive overview of European fish farming and the key issues affecting its development.

EATiP, The future of European aquaculture. Our vision: a strategic agenda for research & innovation (2012)
This report from the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP) describes a vision for European aquaculture, and explores the research, technology and innovation agenda that could make it possible.