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There are several good reasons for researchers in aquaculture and related disciplines to do applied research.

Links with industry provide the opportunities to address problems under commercial conditions, and to translate theoretical research into the real world. Solution-oriented research can help researchers provide a robust demonstration of impacts in future Research Excellence Frameworks.

By connecting you to industry and other sources of funding in the UK and EU, we can help you access financial support to applied research projects. We can also help with dissemination of, and publicity for, the results of applied research. This can raise your profile inside the HE sector, and also on a wider stage.

To find out more about connecting with SAIC, contact us.

How to connect with SAIC and the industry

To benefit from SAIC funding and support, research institutions must be a member of our Consortium. To find out how to do this, contact us.

Secondly, all projects applications for SAIC funding must be instigated by an industry partner and be motivated by problems and opportunities faced by that business or company. If you’re based at a Scottish research institute and would like help with connecting to businesses that need solution-oriented research or practical solutions to industry issues, contact us.

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