Within the innovation sphere there are thousands of different definitions of innovation. Find out about own definition, and how we promote innovation within aquaculture

At SAIC, we define innovation as something fresh that creates value. It could be a process, product, service or technology. Value can take different forms – financial, commercial, economic, social and public – but it must be measurable and it must benefit the aquaculture industry and the Scottish economy.

The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre’s definition of innovation is based on discussions with our Board, the aquaculture industry in Scotland and our other stakeholders. By promoting innovative research that is solution-oriented and industry-led, we aim to deliver value to aquaculture and the Scottish economy.

Where is innovation most needed?

We support innovative projects and research that tackle urgent industry issues, promote sustainability, or mitigate risks for producers. Currently, we are focusing on four priority areas:

  • Improved sea lice control in Scottish aquaculture
  • Alternative sustainable feeds for finfish
  • Rapid detection methods for viral pathogens and diseases
  • Development of secure health-certified Scottish mollusc spat production systems.

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