Find out more about Scottish and European aquaculture, including national and EU-level strategic agendas and R&D priorities

Below is a selection of recent SAIC presentations and some useful publications on aquaculture policy. If you have your own suggestions about useful reading and intelligence, we would be delighted to hear about them.

Scottish-level research

Marine Scotland, An assessment of the benefits to Scotland of aquaculture (2014)
Report commissioned by Marine Scotland and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Benefits are described through the industry’s economic contribution, including social, environmental, human, financial and physical capital.

Scottish Government, Map of Scotland’s aquaculture
Aquaculture promotes sustainable employment and generation in some of Scotland’s most remote areas. This map shows the locations of aquaculture activity in Scotland, including active finfish sites, inactive sites and shellfish growing areas.

MGSA Science and Research Working Group, Aquaculture science and research strategy (2014)
The Science & Research Working Group of the Ministerial Group for Sustainable Aquaculture spotlighted some of the research requred to underpin the Scottish aquaculture industry’s 2020 sustainable production targets. This report identifies a range of science and research that could contribute to the future sustainability of aquaculture in Scotland and internationally.

Stirling Aquaculture, Prospects and opportunities for shellfish farming in Scotland (2010)
This study commissioned by Marine Scotland, developed policy thinking for the Scottish Government’s Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture, and developed priorities for R&D.

James, M. A, A review of initiatives and related R&D being undertaken in the UK and internationally regarding the use of macroalgae as a basis for biofuel prodction and other non-food uses relevant to Scotland (2010)
Report commissioned by Marine Scotland. It includes a general introduction on the concepts, research, commercial initiatives and knowledge gaps related to bioenergy and biofuel production from algae and macroalgae (seaweed).

European-level research

EATiP, The future of European aquaculture. Our vision: a strategic agenda for research & innovation (2012)
This document describes the vision of the European Technology Platform for aquaculture, and explores technology and innovation that could support its achievement. It puts European aquaculture into context, sets out the EATiP vision, the strategic research and innovation agenda, and a plan of action.

FEAP, Annual report (2014)
Annual report of the FEAP, the voice of the European aquaculture production industry. It gives a comprehensive overview of European fish farming and issues affecting its development.

Other interesting reading

Science Scotland, Marine Science: Making waves (2014)
Special issue of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Science Scotland magazine on marine science. It includes articles on fish farming, renewables, and the politics of policy.

SAIC presentations

SAIC presentation on offshore aquaculture in Scotland
At Aquanor 2015, in Norway, Heather Jones, the CEO of SAIC, gave a presentation to an international audience at the ‘Enclosed or Exposed’ seminar. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded below.

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