A key aspect of our work is funding for industry-led projects. Find out about our main project criteria

Projects we fund are of a collaborative nature and must be led by an industry partner or partners willing to contribute resource to the project. They must also include at least one academic partner. The project idea must be innovative or lead to innovative solutions for Scottish aquaculture.

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All projects are expected to sit squarely within the four areas of strategic focus identified by SAIC:

  • Fish and shellfish health and welfare
  • Breeding and stock improvement
  • Feeding, quality and nutrition
  • Engineering solutions

We fund projects with a minimum project size of £60,000-£80,000 (for smaller projects, we may be able to steer you towards other relevant organisations). Project proposals should include significant industry contributions whether in cash or kind.

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Priority areas for SAIC project funding

The SAIC business plan specifies 4 Priority Innovation Actions, which require urgent and sustained attention. The initial projects to be funded by SAIC are likely to fit within these areas:

  • Improved sea lice control in Scottish aquaculture
  • Alternative sustainable feeds for finfish
  • Rapid detection methods for viral pathogens and diseases
  • Development of secure health-certified Scottish mollusc spat production systems.

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