We speak up for Scottish aquaculture, Scottish businesses and Scottish research institutions

There’s a lot of noise out there, especially if you’re a small business or individual researcher. Therefore, one of SAIC’s roles is to act as an advocate for our stakeholders, the aquaculture industry in Scotland, and Scotland as a whole.

Our advocacy extends to many forms and many forums.

  • We speak with academic institutions across Scotland, making them aware of challenges and research opportunities in the industry.
  • We ensure the voice of Scottish aquaculture in heard in conversations with research councils and public sector bodies – from Interface to Marine Scotland to the European Commission
  • We help researchers disseminate the results of applied research, helping them to access publicity or funding
  • We liaise with other Innovation Centres and organisations, exploring the scope for innovative collaborations that benefit Scottish aquaculture
  • We promote the benefits of a career in Scottish aquaculture to undergraduates and postgraduates, helping draw talent into the industry.

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