SAIC scholars session: Choose Aquaculture25th September 2018

SAIC was proud to host a “Choose Aquaculture” session for students embarking on MScs in sustainable aquaculture on Friday 14th September. The session provided an overview of the industry for the Stirling University Institute of Aquaculture students and aimed to increase awareness and encourage more people to pursue a career in this exciting field.

The session included an introduction to SAIC, who we are and what we do, before engaging the students in a group exercise to create a poster on aquaculture supply chains, with prizes to be won. After this group activity, the MSc students received presentations from our guest speakers, Alison Hutchins from Dawnfresh, a fish producer, Andrew Berkerley from SEPA, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Andrea Warwick from the Fish Health Inspectorate at Marine Scotland, which is responsible for the management of aquaculture fish and shellfish health in Scotland.

One of the highlights of the workshop was a quirky #chooseaquaculture video created by Kyle Crossan, a recent SAIC intern, which showcased the exciting aquaculture industry and gave an interesting snapshot of an aquaculture career.

SAIC would like to thank the guest speakers for their valuable insights and all of the MSc students for coming along and participating in our group activity.  We hope you enjoyed it and will spread the #chooseaquaculture word!