Noelia Rodriguez, Scottish Sea Farms

Noelia Rodriguez, Scottish Sea Farms

Manager: Noelia Rodriguez, Scottish Sea Farms
Training programme: Managing and Leading the Team

I was a Fish Health Biologist when I first heard about the course.
I asked my manager at Scottish Sea Farms if I could go on the course as it sounded relevant to me, with advice for staff on how to handle potentially challenging situations at work.

The trainer was really good at engaging with all participants.
Obviously, when you do a course with other people, everyone’s skills and skillsets are different. However, the trainer worked hard to give examples that we could all relate to in terms of our specific jobs and the sorts of situations that you might find yourself in.

The follow-up session was an added bonus.
A few weeks after the main course there was a short follow-up session to go over any questions or gaps in knowledge. We looked at presentation skills; skills that I was able to put into practice straight away.

I’ve since changed roles and the skills taught are coming in equally handy.
I’ve been in my new role of Freshwater Fish Health and Welfare Manager for about two months now, overseeing fish health-related matters for all of our freshwater sites and checking that the fish are in good health before they are sent out to our seawater site.

At first, I was very conscious of what I was doing and had to think about how exactly to apply some of the skills I’d learnt on the course. However, with practice it becomes more and more natural.

I would definitely recommend the course.
It could show you a method or technique that is something completely new. Equally, it helps you become more conscious of good techniques you already use.