Seeing the bigger picture, Joanna Gosling

Seeing the bigger picture, Joanna Gosling

My third and final month at SAIC has been the busiest yet and was kick-started by the University of Stirling’s student-run aquaculture careers day. Thank you to all those who were involved as I came out of it with a real idea of what to expect from a career in aquaculture, where the skills gaps are and how I could progress if I prove myself to be keen and able.

Representatives from SSPO, EWOS (Cargill), Tesco, Pharmaq, Fishguard, AKVA, Alltech and Marine Scotland (to name a few) all gave inspiring talks about their career paths. If you are interested in a career in aquaculture I suggest you get to the next aquaculture careers day at the University.

The weeks that followed were spent travelling to Glasgow and London for various meetings. The Aquaculture Common Issues Group meeting gave me a fantastic insight into the key factors limiting the sustainable growth of aquaculture on a global scale; Grant Stentiford from CEFAS gave a particularly informative talk on this topic.

Then it was back up to Glasgow for a BBSRC/NERC workshop which aimed to bring together consortium ideas for a UK Aquaculture network (or networks). I have been involved in co-ordinating the University of Stirling’s bid to host a network and I was pleased to see that the consortium members from industry and academia were both animated and engaged in the discussion.

A high point of this month was meeting the aquaculture managers from major retailers in the UK, which I wouldn’t have had the chance to do had it not been for the SAIC internship. I gained a whole new perspective on the aquaculture supply chain and what life is like as a retail aquaculture manager.

Thank you SAIC for investing so much time, effort and resources into my professional development. In the short-term, I have gained some valuable perspectives about where my PhD fits into the big picture; in the long-term, I have gained important skills and knowledge that I will use throughout my career in aquaculture. Hopefully it won’t be long before we cross paths again!

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