If you’re interested in collaborating on innovative, industry-relevant research projects, we’d like to hear from you.

To apply for project funding, you must be a business with operations in Scotland. Your proposal must be motivated by problems or opportunities faced by your business.

Our funding process: EOIs and Standard projects

The usual process for applying for SAIC project funding is to attend a workshop on one of our Priority Innovation Areas and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

You can download our Expression of Interest and application forms here along with a flowchart showing our Standard project process.

Our funding process: Exemplar projects

If your proposed project involves large-scale investment from industry, leading-edge research, well defined commercial outputs and open access IP, it may qualify as an accelerated Exemplar project.

You can download a flowchart showing our Exemplar application process here, along with our application forms.

Our funding process: Rapid Response projects

We also have a Rapid Response process for projects that meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Total project cost below £100,000
  • SAIC is asked for funding input of less than 50%
  • Duration of 12 months or less
  • Proposal comes from SME(s)

You can download a flowchart showing our Rapid Response application process, along with our application forms here.

Research funding

All project applications for SAIC funding must come from an industry partner. However, if you’re interested in innovative applied research, we may be able to help you with connections to businesses. We may also be able to offer other skills development or knowledge exchange opportunities.

If you’re interested in working with SAIC, please contact us.

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