Building the bioeconomy18th December 2018

Building the bioeconomy

Annual focus for responsive mode proposals under the welfare of managed animals priority

  • Call status: open
  • Application deadline: 16 January 2019, 16:00
  • Funded through responsive mode


The BBSRC encourages more high-quality research under our welfare of managed animals priority. A call is now open with a deadline of 16 January 2019, and its remit includes aquaculture. Here is an extract from the BBSRC’s call:

“We recognise that the research community in this area is relatively small in comparison to many other sectors under our strategic priorities and the number of animal welfare applications to any individual responsive mode meeting is small. As committee membership is designed to reflect the topic areas of the applications received, we encourage all welfare applications to be submitted to a single annual closing date, consequently increasing the number of relevant experts on the committee. Please note however that in addition to this focus, animal welfare applications are welcome for any future grant round.”


Applications are required to fit our remit (see our portfolio and the scope of the welfare of managed animals priority.

How to apply

Proposals applying under this application deadline will be assessed in May 2019, and proposals should be submitted through the Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S).


Research Committee A


Luke Williams
01793 413318

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